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Experiences of oral health: before, during and after becoming a regular user of GC Tooth Mousse Plus((R))

Alexandra Sbaraini, Geoffrey G Adams, Eric C Reynolds

BMC ORAL HEALTH | BMC | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Clinical trials and laboratory studies from around the world have shown that GC Tooth Mousse Plus® (TMP) is effective in protecting teeth from tooth decay and erosion, buffering dental plaque pH, remineralising white spot lesions and reducing dentine hypersensitivity. However, no other study has assessed the experiences of oral health, before, during and after individuals becoming regular users of TMP. The aim of this study was to identify how participants' oral health status changed after introducing TMP into their oral hygiene routine. METHODS: A qualitative study using Charmaz's grounded theory methodology was conducted. Fifteen purposively sampled regular users of TMP were in..

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