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Alliances with To Become Two Poster Series

Alex Martinis Roe

Albertinum Saatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden: Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau | Published : 2020


Few East Germans over the age of fifty fail to remember the state-organized solidarity campaign calling for the release of the US philosopher, communist and Black Power activist Angela Davis. “A million roses for Angela” was the motto of a postcard campaign in 1970-72 in support of Davis, who at the time was being held under terrorism charges. The large-scale campaign firmly anchored the activist within the cultural memory of the GDR, which—in this critical phase of the Cold War—sought to position itself by asserting its commitment to the comrade. In the GDR, the media spun Davis as the “heroine of the other America” and after her acquittal she was welcomed as a state guest. For her part, An..

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