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Fertilization alters protistan consumers and parasites in crop-associated microbiomes

Anqi Sun, Xiao-Yan Jiao, Qinglin Chen, Pankaj Trivedi, Zixin Li, Fangfang Li, Yong Zheng, Yongxin Lin, Hang-Wei Hu, Ji-Zheng He

Environmental Microbiology | WILEY | Published : 2021


Crop plants carry an enormous diversity of microbiota that provide massive benefits to hosts. Protists, as the main microbial consumers and a pivotal driver of biogeochemical cycling processes, remain largely understudied in the plant microbiome. Here, we characterized the diversity and composition of protists in sorghum leaf phyllosphere, and rhizosphere and bulk soils, collected from an 8-year field experiment with multiple fertilization regimes. Phyllosphere was an important habitat for protists, dominated by Rhizaria, Alveolata and Amoebozoa. Rhizosphere and bulk soils had a significantly higher diversity of protists than the phyllosphere, and the protistan community structure significan..

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Awarded by Natural National Science Foundation of China

Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by China Agriculture Research System

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was financially supported by the Natural National Science Foundation of China (No. 31901291), Australian Research Council (DP210100332), and the China Agriculture Research System (No. CARS-06-13.5-A20).