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ケア労働者の「北ー北」移動:豪州における日本人若年女性の低賃金労働とその課題 (“North-North” migration of care workers: low-wage labor for young Japanese women in Australia and its challenges)

Nana Oishi, Aya Ono

移民現象の新展開 (New developments in the immigration phenomenon) | 岩波書店 (Iwanami Shoten) | Published : 2020


This chapter examines the low-wage employment of young Japanese women who work as au pairs in Australia. The 'North-North' migration of care workers has been growing since young women are willing to work as cheap labour and their employers do not have to pay for travel expenses, visa or health insurance. Au pairs are particularly vulnerable, since they are not fully protected by labour laws. Japanese au pairs in Australia were paid only 4.75 dollars per hour on average. Many of them faced issues such as no contract, no overtime pay, no weekend/holiday pay rate and late payment. Four au pairs were not entirely unpaid throughout their stay. However, these Japanese au pairs remained silent as t..

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