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Deletion of Trim28 in committed adipocytes promotes obesity but preserves glucose tolerance.

Simon T Bond, Emily J King, Darren C Henstridge, Adrian Tran, Sarah C Moody, Christine Yang, Yingying Liu, Natalie A Mellett, Artika P Nath, Michael Inouye, Elizabeth J Tarling, Thomas Q de Aguiar Vallim, Peter J Meikle, Anna C Calkin, Brian G Drew

Nature Communications | Published : 2021


The effective storage of lipids in white adipose tissue (WAT) critically impacts whole body energy homeostasis. Many genes have been implicated in WAT lipid metabolism, including tripartite motif containing 28 (Trim28), a gene proposed to primarily influence adiposity via epigenetic mechanisms in embryonic development. However, in the current study we demonstrate that mice with deletion of Trim28 specifically in committed adipocytes, also develop obesity similar to global Trim28 deletion models, highlighting a post-developmental role for Trim28. These effects were exacerbated in female mice, contributing to the growing notion that Trim28 is a sex-specific regulator of obesity. Mechanisticall..

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