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Quantity and size distribution of cough-generated aerosol particles produced by influenza patients during and after illness.

William G Lindsley, Terri A Pearce, Judith B Hudnall, Kristina A Davis, Stephen M Davis, Melanie A Fisher, Rashida Khakoo, Jan E Palmer, Karen E Clark, Ismail Celik, Christopher C Coffey, Francoise M Blachere, Donald H Beezhold

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene | Published : 2012


The question of whether influenza is transmitted to a significant degree by aerosols remains controversial, in part, because little is known about the quantity and size of potentially infectious airborne particles produced by people with influenza. In this study, the size and amount of aerosol particles produced by nine subjects during coughing were measured while they had influenza and after they had recovered, using a laser aerosol particle spectrometer with a size range of 0.35 to 10 μm. Individuals with influenza produce a significantly greater volume of aerosol when ill compared with afterward (p = 0.0143). When the patients had influenza, their average cough aerosol volume was 38.3 pic..

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