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Analysis of histamine-binding lymphocytes in atopy.

J Ruby, J Douglass, D Czarny, HK Muller

International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology | Published : 1986


Using flow cytofluorimetry, the histamine-binding properties and T cell subclass distribution of peripheral blood lymphocytes in normal and atopic subjects were investigated. In the case of active (or symptomatic) atopy, the levels of histamine-binding lymphocytes were significantly reduced. However, none of these parameters distinguished between normal individuals and patient groups when the atopics were asymptomatic except the OKT3 marker; in the atopic group, the proportion of OKT3-positive cells was lower. These results indicate that the decreased levels of histamine-binding lymphocytes in atopy are a secondary phenomenon, and that the ratio of T helper to T suppressor/cytotoxic cells is..

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