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Conditioning with Fludarabine (Flu)-Alkylator Is More Effective Cytoreduction Than Cyclophosphamide-Total Body Irradiation (Cy/TBI) for Refractory, Progressive Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia (CLL).

Andrew C Grigg, Jeffrey Szer, Andrew Artz, Justin Kline, Koen van Besien

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2004


Abstract Allografting is becoming a more frequent therapeutic consideration for symptomatic CLL. The most frequently used preparative regimen historically has been Cy/TBI but flu-based conditioning is a recently reported alternative. Two cases in which Cy/TBI failed to impact on high pre-transplant peripheral blood (PB) lymphocyte counts prompted us to compare the outcome of stem cell allografts after TBI and non-TBI-based conditioning in 11 patients (pts) from two institutions. All pts had flu-refractory CLL. Five pts received flu 25mg/m2 with either melphalan 120mg/m2 (n=4) or Cy 120mg/kg; the other six received Cy 120mg/kg with fractionated TBI 12Gy. The two groups were com..

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