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Haemopoietic Improvement Following Iron Chelation for Transfusional Haemosiderosis in Patients with Haematopoietic Neoplasia and Aplastic Anaemia: An Observational Study

Stephen Opat, Robert Bird, Cecily J Forsyth, Jeffrey Szer, Constantine S Tam, Penelope Motum, Mark A Bentley

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2011


Abstract Abstract 5050 Background: The benefit of iron chelation therapy (ICT) in patients with thalassaemia major is well established; however its role in adults with haematopoietic neoplasia (HN) and aplastic anemia (AA) is less certain. Post hoc analysis of the EPIC study revealed ICT therapy was associated with improved haemopoietic parameters in approximately 20% of patients with myelodysplasia (MDS). Deferasirox has been reported to inhibit NF-kB, a key transcription factor involved in the inflammatory response. We speculate that deferasirox may have an additional action as an immunosuppresive agent. ..

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