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A Canadian Blood and Marrow Transplant Group (CBMTG) Randomised Trial Comparing G-CSF Mobilized Peripheral Blood Versus G-CSF Stimulated Bone Marrow In Recipients Of Sibling Allografts For Hematologic Malignancies

Stephen Couban, Mahmoud Aljurf, Silvy Lachance, Irwin Walker, Cynthia L Toze, Morel Rubinger, Jeff H Lipton, Stephanie J Lee, Jeffrey Szer, Richard Doocey, Ian D Lewis, Lothar B Huebsch, Kang Howson-Jan, Faisal Al Mohareb, Naeem Chaudhri, Aminia Kariminia, Sabine Ivison, Diane L Fairclough, Gerald Devins, David Szwajcer Show all

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2013


Abstract G-CSF mobilized peripheral blood (G-PB) allografts lead to faster hematologic recovery than marrow grafts, but with more chronic GvHD(cGvHD). We hypothesized that G-CSF stimulated marrow (G-BM) may result in faster hematological recovery with less cGvHD. Methods We conducted a Phase III randomised multicenter trial of matched sibling G-PB vs G-BM allografts in adults with hematologic malignancies. The primary endpoint was time to treatment failure defined as the first occurrence of extensive cGvHD, relapse or death from any cause. Thirteen centers in Canada, Saudi Arabia, U.S., Australia and New Zealand enrolled pati..

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