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Tissue Iron Overload Is Common Post Transplantation (Allo BMT) and Is Associated with Red Cell Transfusion Load and HFE Genotype.

Duncan Carradice, Peter Shuttleworth, Jeffrey Szer, Andrew Roberts, Andrew Grigg

Blood | American Society of Hematology | Published : 2004


Abstract In order to analyse the incidence of iron overload after allo BMT and assess the role of venesection in preventing complications, we retrospectively analysed 168 consecutive patients undergoing allo BMT at our institution from 1998–2003 surviving at least one year. Iron studies were performed routinely pre-BMT, at D100, one & two years post BMT. Iron overload was defined by at least one of the following criteria i)liver biopsy (n=24), one of : a) dry weight iron concentration >80μmol/g; b) iron index >1.9; c) Perl’s stain grade 3 or 4, ii) CT liver iron >1.0mg/ml (n=13) iii) raised ferritin >1000 μg/L and transferrin saturation >55% on 2 occasions, persisting >6/12 po..

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