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Sleep quality matters more to community-dwelling individuals than nocturia frequency

GE Rose, C Ervin, WF Bower

Journal of Clinical Urology | Published : 2020


Objective: The objective of this study is to identify variables that describe nocturia-related bother in a sample of community-dwelling individuals. Materials and methods: Community-dwelling individuals age 40 years and older who woke to pass urine at night completed an online questionnaire. Participants were asked (i) their top three concerns in relation to nocturia, (ii) to agree or disagree with a list of statements related to bother, and (iii) to complete the Nocturia Impact Diary items. Fisher exact test and the Mann–Whitney U test were used to assess whether differences in nocturia-related bother existed when comparing participants stratified by nocturia severity. Results: Moderate to ..

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