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Hinge point fibrosis in athletes is not associated with structural, functional or electrical consequences: a comparison between young and middle-aged elite endurance athletes

R De Bosscher, M Claeys, C Dausin, K Goetschalckx, J Bogaert, C Van De Heyning, O Ghekiere, L Herbots, P Claus, J Kalman, P Sanders, A Elliott, H Heidbuchel, A La Gerche, G Claessen

European Heart Journal | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2020


Abstract Background The health benefits of extensive endurance training have been debated due to the report of myocardial fibrosis (MF), arrhythmias and temporary post-race cardiac impairment in middle-aged and veteran athletes. The extent of these changes is unknown in elite young athletes. Purpose To assess the prevalence of MF and its structural, functional and electrical impact in highly trained young endurance athletes (YA, 15–23 years) as compared to middle-aged athletes (MA, 30–50 years). We hypothesised that MF would be more frequent in MA and associated with more s..

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