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Mammary stem cells

M Shackleton, ML Asselin-Labat, F Vaillant, GJ Lindeman, JE Visvader

Autologous And Cancer Stem Cell Gene Therapy | WORLD SCIENTIFIC | Published : 2007


The defining anatomical characteristic of mammals is the mammary gland. Comprising of a ductal epithelial network and surrounding stroma, it is a remarkably adaptive organ whose development is closely related to physiological requirement. During pregnancy, the number of mammary epithelial cells increases dramatically and these undergo terminal differentiation to enable lactation after birth. After weaning, the number and differentiation status of these cells returns to their pre-pregnant state, maintaining a similar developmental potential for future pregnancies. Strong evidence now exists to support the reliance of this adaptability on mammary stem cells (MaSCs). Through in vivo mammary rec..

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