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Enteric pathogen infection and consequences for child growth in young Aboriginal Australian children: a cross-sectional study

Sarah Hanieh, Siddhartha Mahanty, George Gurruwiwi, Therese Kearns, Roslyn Dhurrkay, Veronica Gondarra, Jenny Shield, Norbert Ryan, Francesca Azzato, Susan A Ballard, Nicole Orlando, Sullen Nicholson, Katherine Gibney, Julie Brimblecombe, Wendy Page, Leonard C Harrison, Beverley-Ann Biggs



BACKGROUND: To determine the prevalence of enteric infections in Aboriginal children aged 0-2 years using conventional and molecular diagnostic techniques and to explore associations between the presence of pathogens and child growth. METHODS: Cross-sectional analysis of Aboriginal children (n = 62) residing in a remote community in Northern Australia, conducted from July 24th - October 30th 2017. Stool samples were analysed for organisms by microscopy (directly in the field and following fixation and storage in sodium-acetate formalin), and by qualitative PCR for viruses, bacteria and parasites and serology for Strongyloides-specific IgG. Child growth (height and weight) was measured and z ..

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