Journal article

Ocular Filariasis in Human Caused by Breinlia (Johnstonema) annulipapillata Nematode, Australia

Anson Koehler, Jennifer MB Robson, David M Spratt, Joshua Hann, Ian Beveridge, Michael Walsh, Rodney McDougall, Mark Bromley, Anna Hume, Harsha Sheorey, Robin B Gasser

Emerging Infectious Diseases | CENTERS DISEASE CONTROL & PREVENTION | Published : 2021


We report a human case of ocular filariasis, caused by a species of Breinlia nematode, from Queensland, Australia. Morphological and molecular evidence indicated that the nematode Breinlia (Johnstonema) annulipapillata, or a closely related taxon, likely transmitted from a macropodid marsupial host was involved, which might represent an accidental finding or an emerging zoonosis.


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was partially supported through a grant from the Australian Research Council (grant no. LP160101299 to R.B.G. and A.V.K.).