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Sustained release of decorin to the surface of the eye enables scarless corneal regeneration.

Lisa J Hill, Richard JA Moakes, Chairut Vareechon, Gibran Butt, Aaron Ng, Kristian Brock, Gurpreet Chouhan, Rachel C Vincent, Serena Abbondante, Richard L Williams, Nicholas M Barnes, Eric Pearlman, Graham R Wallace, Saaeha Rauz, Ann Logan, Liam M Grover

npj Regenerative Medicine | Published : 2018


Disorganization of the transparent collagenous matrix in the cornea, as a consequence of a variety of infections and inflammatory conditions, leads to corneal opacity and sight-loss. Such corneal opacities are a leading cause of blindness, according to the WHO. Public health programs target prevention of corneal scarring, but the only curative treatment of established scarring is through transplantation. Although attempts to minimize corneal scarring through aggressive control of infection and inflammation are made, there has been little progress in the development of anti-scarring therapies. This is owing to eye drop formulations using low viscosity or weak gelling materials having short re..

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Awarded by Medical Research Council

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