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Serotonin excites neurons in the human submucous plexus via 5-HT3 receptors.

Klaus Michel, Florian Zeller, Rupert Langer, Hjalmar Nekarda, Dagmar Kruger, Terri J Dover, Catherine A Brady, Nicholas M Barnes, Michael Schemann

Gastroenterology | Published : 2005


BACKGROUND & AIMS: Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine [5-HT]) is a key signaling molecule in the gut. Recently, the neural 5-HT3 receptor received a lot of attention as a possible target in functional bowel diseases. Yet, the 5-HT3 receptor-mediated changes in properties of human enteric neurons is unknown. METHODS: We used a fast imaging technique in combination with the potentiometric dye 1-(3-sulfonatopropyl)-4-[beta[2-(di-n-octylamino)-6-naphthyl]vinyl]pyridinium betaine to monitor directly the membrane potential changes in neurons of human submucous plexus from surgical specimens of 21 patients. An Ussing chamber technique was used to study 5-HT3 receptor involvement in chloride secretion. ..

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