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Angiotensin converting enzyme density is increased in temporal cortex from patients with Alzheimer's disease.

NM Barnes, CH Cheng, B Costall, RJ Naylor, TJ Williams, CM Wischik

Eur J Pharmacol | Published : 1991


The present study assesses the binding density of the selective angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) radioligand [3H]ceranapril in brain tissue homogenates derived from patients with Alzheimer's disease and those from age-, sex- and post-mortem delay-matched neurologically normal patients. Saturation studies with [3H]ceranapril identified that the specific binding (defined by captopril, 10 microM) was homogenous and of high affinity. ACE inhibitor recognition site density was higher by some 70% in the temporal cortex (Brodmann area 22) from Alzheimer's patients whereas densities were similar in frontal cortex and cerebellum when compared to control tissue. It is unknown whether this apparentl..

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