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Identification and distribution of 5-HT3 recognition sites within the human brainstem.

JM Barnes, NM Barnes, B Costall, JF Deakin, JW Ironside, GJ Kilpatrick, RJ Naylor, JA Rudd, MD Simpson, P Slater

Neurosci Lett | Published : 1990


The present studies demonstrate the presence of specific [3H]GR65630 binding sites within the human brainstem using the techniques of in vitro receptor autoradiography and ligand binding to homogenates. Autoradiography revealed the greatest accumulation of specific binding in the area postrema and subpostrema (AP/ASP). A lower level of specific binding was identified in the nucleus tractus solitarius (excluding area subpostrema). No specific binding was evident in the remainder of the hindbrain at this level. Discrete dissection followed by ligand binding to homogenates revealed that the specific binding of [3H]GR65630 (defined by the presence of 30 microM metoclopramide) was differentially ..

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