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Buoyancy-driven flow in a confined aquifer with a vertical gradient of permeability

Edward M Hinton, Andrew W Woods

Journal of Fluid Mechanics | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2018


We examine the injection of fluid of one viscosity and density into a horizontal permeable aquifer initially saturated with a second fluid of different viscosity and density. The novel feature of the analysis is that we allow the permeability to vary vertically across the aquifer. This leads to recognition that the interface may evolve as either a rarefaction wave that spreads at a rate proportional to $t$, a shock-like front of fixed length or a mixture of shock-like regions and rarefaction-wave-type regions. The classical solutions in which there is no viscosity ratio between the fluids and in which the formation has constant permeability lead to an interface that spreads laterally..

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