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Interaction of viscous free-surface flows with topography

Edward M Hinton, Andrew J Hogg, Herbert E Huppert

Journal of Fluid Mechanics | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2019


The interaction of gravitationally driven, free-surface flows of viscous fluid with topographic features is investigated theoretically. The motion is studied in the regime where the depth of the flow is much smaller than the streamwise extent of the topography. A lubrication model of the motion is developed, integrated numerically and analysed asymptotically. For small mounds, it is shown that the flow surmounts the obstacles, but for larger mounds the flow is deflected around it and can form dry zones in its wake into which fluid does not flow, as well as forming deeper ponded regions upstream. Which of these phenomena prevails is shown to depend upon the amplitude of the mound height and t..

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