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Reliability study in five languages of the translation of the pain behavioural scale Doloplus.

G Pickering, SJ Gibson, S Serbouti, P Odetti, J Ferraz Gonçalves, G Gambassi, H Guarda, JP Hamers, D Lussier, F Monacelli, JM Pérez-Castejón Garrote, SM Zwakhalen, D Barneto, undefined Collectif Doloplus, B Wary

European Journal of Pain | Published : 2010


Non-verbal pain assessment scales are useful tools for pain evaluation in persons with communication disorders and moderate-severe dementia. The Doloplus was one of the first scales to be developed and validated as a pain assessment tool in older adults with dementia. This study aims at evaluating the translation of the Doloplus scale in five languages, as regards test-retest and inter-rater reliability. Results show that both tests are good or excellent for the English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish versions and moderate for the Dutch version. These results bring a unique opportunity to include the translated Doloplus scale in daily assessment of elderly persons with communication disorde..

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