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The effect of age on A delta- and C-fibre thermal pain perception.

MC Chakour, SJ Gibson, M Bradbeer, RD Helme

Pain | Published : 1996


It has been suggested that ageing may have a differential effect on C fibre-mediated protopathic/tonic pain versus epicritic/phasic pain perception mediated by A delta fibres. The present study attempted to independently assess age-related changes in the function of A delta- and C-nociceptive fibres by examining CO2 laser-induced thermal pain thresholds before, during and after a compression block of the superficial radial nerve in 15 young and 15 healthy elderly adult subjects. Nerve block efficacy was monitored via measures of cold, warm and mechanical threshold, and simple reaction time. During nerve compression block, reaction time and mechanical threshold increased, cold sensation becam..

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