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Privacy-Utility Tradeoff in a Guessing Framework Inspired by Index Coding

Y Liu, N Ding, P Sadeghi, T Rakotoarivelo

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings | Published : 2020


This paper studies the tradeoff in privacy and utility in a single-trial multi-terminal guessing (estimation) framework using a system model that is inspired by index coding. There are n independent discrete sources at a data curator. There are m legitimate users and one adversary, each with some side information about the sources. The data curator broadcasts a distorted function of sources to legitimate users, which is also overheard by the adversary. In terms of utility, each legitimate user wishes to perfectly reconstruct some of the unknown sources and attain a certain gain in the estimation correctness for the remaining unknown sources. In terms of privacy, the data curator wishes to mi..

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