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Stimulatory, but not anxiogenic, doses of caffeine act centrally to activate interscapular brown adipose tissue thermogenesis in anesthetized male rats

L Van Schaik, C Kettle, R Green, W Sievers, MW Hale, HR Irving, DR Whelan, JA Rathner

Scientific Reports | NATURE RESEARCH | Published : 2021


The role of central orexin in the sympathetic control of interscapular brown adipose tissue (iBAT) thermogenesis has been established in rodents. Stimulatory doses of caffeine activate orexin positive neurons in the lateral hypothalamus, a region of the brain implicated in stimulating BAT thermogenesis. This study tests the hypothesis that central administration of caffeine is sufficient to activate BAT. Low doses of caffeine administered either systemically (intravenous [IV]; 10 mg/kg) and centrally (intracerebroventricular [ICV]; 5-10 μg) increases BAT thermogenesis, in anaesthetised (1.5 g/kg urethane, IV) free breathing male rats. Cardiovascular function was monitored via an indwelling i..

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