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Evaluating the Ecological Benefits of Management Actions to Complement Environmental Flows in River Systems

Sam Nicol, J Angus Webb, Rebecca E Lester, Marcus Cooling, Paul Brown, Ian Cresswell, Heather M McGinness, Susan M Cuddy, Lee J Baumgartner, Daryl Nielsen, Martin Mallen-Cooper, Danial Stratford



Globally, many river systems are under stress due to overconsumption of water. Governments have responded with programmes to deliver environmental water to improve environmental outcomes. Although such programmes are essential, they may not be sufficient to achieve all desired environmental outcomes. The benefits of environmental water allocation may be improved using 'complementary measures', which are non-flow-based actions, such as infrastructure works, vegetation management and pest control. The value of complementary measures is recognised globally, but their ecological benefits are rarely well understood, either because there is limited experience with their application, or the importa..

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