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Shifting the Immune-Suppressive to Predominant Immune-Stimulatory Radiation Effects by SBRT-PArtial Tumor Irradiation Targeting HYpoxic Segment (SBRT-PATHY)

Slavisa Tubin, Seema Gupta, Michael Grusch, Helmuth H Popper, Luka Brcic, Martin L Ashdown, Samir N Khleif, Barbara Peter-Vorosmarty, Martin Hyden, Simone Negrini, Piero Fossati, Eugen Hug

Cancers | MDPI | Published : 2021


Radiation-induced immune-mediated abscopal effects (AE) of conventional radiotherapy are very rare. Whole-tumor irradiation leads to lymphopenia due to killing of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment, resulting in immunosuppression and weak abscopal potential. This limitation may be overcome by partial tumor irradiation sparing the peritumoral immune-environment, and consequent shifting of immune-suppressive to immune-stimulatory effect. This would improve the radiation-directed tumor cell killing, adding to it a component of immune-mediated killing. Our preclinical findings showed that the high-single-dose irradiation of hypoxic tumor cells generates a stronger bystander effect (BE) a..

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