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Ubiquitin signalling in neurodegeneration: mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities

Marlene F Schmidt, Zhong Yan Gan, David Komander, Grant Dewson

Cell Death and Differentiation | SPRINGERNATURE | Published : 2021


Neurodegenerative diseases are characterised by progressive damage to the nervous system including the selective loss of vulnerable populations of neurons leading to motor symptoms and cognitive decline. Despite millions of people being affected worldwide, there are still no drugs that block the neurodegenerative process to stop or slow disease progression. Neuronal death in these diseases is often linked to the misfolded proteins that aggregate within the brain (proteinopathies) as a result of disease-related gene mutations or abnormal protein homoeostasis. There are two major degradation pathways to rid a cell of unwanted or misfolded proteins to prevent their accumulation and to maintain ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge James Vince, Scott Ayton and Michael Lazarou for advice and discussions in the preparation of the manuscript and Peter Maltezos for assistance in preparation of the figures. MFS and ZYG are supported by the Australian Government Research Training Programme. DK is supported by a Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council Australia. GD is supported by a Fellowship from the Bodhi Education Fund. The authors acknowledge the funding support from the Michael J Fox Foundation and Shake It Up Foundation Australia and philanthropic funding from Annette Davis and Leon Davis AO. This work was supported by operational infrastructure grants through the Australian Government Independent Research Institute Infrastructure Support Scheme (9000587) and the Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support, Australia.