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Spatial population genomics of a recent mosquito invasion

Thomas L Schmidt, T Swan, Jessica Chung, Stephan Karl, Samuel Demok, Qiong Yang, Matt A Field, Mutizwa Odwell Muzari, Gerhard Ehlers, Mathew Brugh, Rodney Bellwood, Peter Horne, Thomas R Burkot, Scott Ritchie, Ary A Hoffmann

MOLECULAR ECOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2021


Population genomic approaches can characterize dispersal across a single generation through to many generations in the past, bridging the gap between individual movement and intergenerational gene flow. These approaches are particularly useful when investigating dispersal in recently altered systems, where they provide a way of inferring long-distance dispersal between newly established populations and their interactions with existing populations. Human-mediated biological invasions represent such altered systems which can be investigated with appropriate study designs and analyses. Here we apply temporally restricted sampling and a range of population genomic approaches to investigate dispe..

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Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

For sample collection we thank Esther Anderson, Moses Laman, Rotarians against Malaria PNG staff, and the PNGIMR Vector Borne Disease Unit entomology team. We thank Moshe Jasper for helpful discussions. For funding we thank Queensland Health, the Commonwealth Department of Health, the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation (FNQHF) and the NHMRC (Programme Grant 1037003, Career Development Fellowship 1141441, and Fellowship Grants 1118640 and 5121190). T.S. was financially supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.