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Protocol for the process evaluation of a complex intervention delivered in schools to prevent adolescent depression: the Future Proofing Study

Joanne R Beames, Raghu Lingam, Katherine Boydell, Alison L Calear, Michelle Torok, Kate Maston, Isabel Zbukvic, Kit Huckvale, Philip J Batterham, Helen Christensen, Aliza Werner-Seidler



INTRODUCTION: Process evaluations provide insight into how interventions are delivered across varying contexts and why interventions work in some contexts and not in others. This manuscript outlines the protocol for a process evaluation embedded in a cluster randomised trial of a digital depression prevention intervention delivered to secondary school students (the Future Proofing Study). The purpose is to describe the methods that will be used to capture process evaluation data within this trial. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: Using a hybrid type 1 design, a mixed-methods approach will be used with data collected in the intervention arm of the Future Proofing Study. Data collection methods will incl..

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Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

Funding for this project came from an NSW Ministry of Health Early-Mid Career Fellowship awarded to AW-S, and a Black Dog Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded to JRB, secured by HC. ALC is supported by NHMRC fellowships 1122544 and 1173146. PJB is supported by NHMRC Fellowship 1158707. Funding for the randomised controlled trial within which this process evaluation is embedded came from an NHMRC Project Grant Awarded to HC GNT1120646.