Journal article

An exploration of the perceptions, experience and practice of cancer clinicians in caring for patients with cancer who are also parents of dependent-age children.

Sarah Heynemann, Jennifer Philip, Sue-Anne McLachlan

Support Care Cancer | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Being a parent alongside a cancer diagnosis presents unique challenges. It is unclear to what degree parenting considerations feature in routine care and how doctors approach treatment decision discussions. OBJECTIVE: To explore doctor perspectives regarding patients with cancer who have dependent children. METHODOLOGY: Focus groups and interviews conducted to ascertain doctor views. Responses were audio-recorded, transcribed and thematically analysed. RESULTS: Twenty-eight doctors participated: medical oncology (7), haematology (10), palliative care (8), and psycho-oncology (3). Participants observed cancer impacted upon parenting across several domains: psycho-social, practical..

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