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Analysis of retrotransposon subfamily DNA methylation reveals novel early epigenetic changes in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Timothy M Barrow, Nicole Wong Doo, Roger L Milne, Graham G Giles, Elaine Willmore, Gordon Strathdee, Hyang-Min Byun

Haematologica: the hematology journal | FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION | Published : 2021


Retrotransposons such as LINE-1 and Alu comprise >25% of the human genome. While global hypomethylation of these elements has been widely reported in solid tumours, their epigenetic dysregulation is yet to be characterised in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, and there has been scant consideration of their evolutionary history that mediates sensitivity to hypomethylation. Here, we developed an approach for locus- and evolutionary subfamily-specific analysis of retrotransposons using the Illumina Infinium Human Methylation 450K microarray platform, which we applied to publicly-available datasets from chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and other haematological malignancies. We identified 9,797 microar..

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Awarded by JGW Patterson Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by funding from Bright Red (awarded to Timothy Barrow) and the JGW Patterson Foundation (grant number 30015.088.045/PA/IXS, awarded to Gordon Strathdee).