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Breast radiation dose estimates compared to measured doses from involved field radiotherapy (IFRT) or mantle fields for early stage Hodgkin lymphoma (ESHL)

A Wirth, H Wittwer, T Kron, K Sullivan

Journal of Clinical Oncology | American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) | Published : 2007


18503 Background Breast cancer risk after mantle irradiation has prompted concern regarding the use of IFRT for ESHL. As breast cancer risk is radiation dose related, reliable estimates of breast radiation dose from IFRT might aid individual patient risk assessment. However, estimates of breast dose from radiation scatter/leakage beyond the involved field, using standard computer algorithms, are of uncertain accuracy. The aims of this study were to compare computer estimates with measured breast dose, and to compare breast dose from mantle and neck IFRT. Methods A phantom with breast tissue equivalent was used to determine breast dose using computerized treatment planning (CMS XiO), and to ..

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