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Avatar-mediated communication in social vr: An in-depth exploration of older adult interaction in an emerging communication platform

S Baker, J Waycott, R Carrasco

Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings | ACM | Published : 2021


While HCI researchers have begun designing personalised VR experiences for older adults, there has been limited research examining the use of social VR -where users interact via avatars in a virtual environment. Avatar-mediated communication (AMC) is a crucial component of the social VR experience, but older users' experience with AMC is poorly understood. We conducted a fve-month study with 16 older adults evaluating a co-designed social VR prototype. Results show that AMC in social VR was seen as medium that supported introverted users to express themselves and was viewed as ofering advantages when discussing sensitive topics. Our study provides new insights into how older adults view AMC ..

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