Journal article

Shifting to digital: a policy perspective on 'Student perceptions of privacy principles for learning analytics' (Ifenthaler & Schumacher 2016)

Linda Corrin

Educational Technology Research and Development | SPRINGER | Published : 2021


This article considers Ifenthaler and Schumacher's (in Educ Technol Res Dev 64(5):923-938, 2016) paper entitled "Student perceptions of privacy principles for learning analytics" from a policy perspective. The increasing shift to digital occurring across the education landscape has resulted in greater access to data that can be used to enhance the student learning experience. However, it is essential that appropriate policy be in place to ensure the ethical use of such data, and equally important that the student voice be included in the development of such policy. Ifenthaler and Schumacher's study investigates students' preferences for the types of learning analytics systems they would like..

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