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Simultaneous Customer Segmentation and Behavior Discovery

Siqi Zhang, Ling Luo, Zhidong Li, Yang Wang, Fang Chen, Richard Xu

27th International Conference, ICONIP 2020, Bangkok, Thailand, November 18–22, 2020, Proceedings, Part IV | Springer | Published : 2020


Customer purchase behavior segmentation plays an important role in the modern economy. We proposed a Bayesian non-parametric (BNP)-based framework, named Simultaneous Customer Segmentation and Utility Discovery (UtSeg), to discover customer segmentation without knowing specific forms of utility functions and parameters. For the segmentation based on BNP models, the unknown type of functions is usually modeled as a non-homogeneous point process (NHPP) for each mixture component. However, the inference of these models is complex and time-consuming. To reduce such complexity, traditionally, economists will use one specific utility function in a heuristic way to simplify the inference. We propos..

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