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Whole blood interleukin-2 release test to detect and characterize rare circulating gluten-specific T cell responses in coeliac disease

RP Anderson, G Goel, MY Hardy, AR Russell, S Wang, E Szymczak, R Zhang, KE Goldstein, M Neff, KE Truitt, LJ Williams, JL Dzuris, JA Tye-Din



Whole blood cytokine release assays (CRA) assessing cellular immunity to gluten could simplify the diagnosis and monitoring of coeliac disease (CD). We aimed to determine the effectiveness of electrochemiluminescence CRA to detect responses to immunodominant gliadin peptides. HLA-DQ2·5+ CD adults (cohort 1, n = 6; cohort 2, n = 12) and unaffected controls (cohort 3, n = 9) were enrolled. Cohort 1 had 3-day gluten challenge (GC). Blood was collected at baseline, and for cohort 1 also at 3 h, 6 h and 6 days after commencing 3-day GC. Gliadin peptide-stimulated proliferation, interferon (IFN)-γ enzyme-linked immunospot (ELISPOT) and 14- and 3-plex electrochemiluminescence CRA were performed. Po..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful to Cathy Pizzey and Lee Henneken, who were the Research Nurses in this study, and to the volunteers who participated in this research. ImmusanT, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA provided funding for the study.