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Advances in the discovery and development of anthelmintics by harnessing natural product scaffolds.

HMP Dilrukshi Herath, Aya C Taki, Brad E Sleebs, Andreas Hofmann, Nghi Nguyen, Sarah Preston, Rohan A Davis, Abdul Jabbar, Robin B Gasser

Adv Parasitol | Published : 2021


Widespread resistance to currently-used anthelmintics represents a major obstacle to controlling parasitic nematodes of livestock animals. Given the reliance on anthelmintics in many control regimens, there is a need for the continued discovery and development of new nematocides. Enabling such a focus are: (i) the major chemical diversity of natural products; (ii) the availability of curated, drug-like extract-, fraction- and/or compound-libraries from natural sources; (iii) the utility and practicality of well-established whole-worm bioassays for Haemonchus contortus-an important parasitic nematodes of livestock-to screen natural product libraries; and (iv) the availability of advanced chro..

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