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Russo–Seymour–Welsh estimates for the Kostlan ensemble of random polynomials

D Beliaev, S Muirhead, I Wigman

Annales de l'institut Henri Poincare (B) Probability and Statistics | Institute Henri Poincaré | Published : 2021


Beginning with the predictions of Bogomolny–Schmit for the random plane wave, in recent years the deep connections between the level sets of smooth Gaussian random fields and percolation have become apparent. In classical percolation theory a key input into the analysis of global connectivity are scale-independent bounds on crossing probabilities in the critical regime, known as Russo–Seymour–Welsh (RSW) estimates. Similarly, establishing RSW-type estimates for the nodal sets of Gaussian random fields is a major step towards a rigorous understanding of these relations. The Kostlan ensemble is an important model of Gaussian homogeneous random polynomials. The nodal set of this ensemble is a n..

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