Conference Proceedings

Writing analytics across essay tasks with different cognitive load demands

Eduardo Araujo Oliveira, Rianne Conijn, Paula Galvao De Barba, Kelly Trezise, Menno van Zaanen, Gregor Kennedy, Sue Gregory (ed.), Steve Warburton (ed.), Mitchell Parkes (ed.)

37th International Conference of Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education | ASCILITE | Published : 2020


Essay tasks are a widely used form of assessment in higher education. Writing analytics can assist with challenges related to using essay tasks at scale and to identifying different issues in academic integrity. In this paper, we combined two techniques to investigate how students’ writing analytics varied across essay tasks with different cognitive load, considering both their typing behavior (i.e., writing process) and writing style (i.e., writing product). We also examined their relationship across these essay tasks. Findings showed that writing processes change across tasks with different cognitive load: when cognitive load increases, the interword intervals (indicator of planning and/or..

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