Thesis / Dissertation

The ontogeny of effector regulatory T cells

Peggy Pek Gee Teh, Axel Kallies (ed.)

Published : 2020


Regulatory T (Treg) cells are critical for the maintenance of immune homeostasis and peripheral tolerance. Different subsets of Treg cells have recently been described with many studies showing the importance of context-specific differentiation of Treg cells, in particular within non-lymphoid organs. These non-lymphoid organ Treg cells have a fully suppressive Treg cell phenotype with an effector function and are termed effector (e)Treg cells. However, the ontogeny of eTreg cells have not yet been fully described. Additionally, molecular determinants of the eTreg cell program remain incompletely understood. My thesis examines the transcriptional events that regulate the generation of eTreg c..

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