Thesis / Dissertation

Early Mobilisation After Stroke: Barriers and Enablers for Effective Use of Population-Level Evidence to Inform Individualised Clinical Decision-Making

Venesha Udayakumar Rethnam, Leonid Churilov (ed.)

Published : 2020


Early mobilisation, defined as sitting out of bed, standing or walking early after stroke, is an important constituent of acute stroke unit care. However, the multifaceted and complex nature of early mobilisation evidence and interventions, clinical practice guideline development and reporting, and the characteristics of stroke patients and their outcomes challenges individualised decision-making. The overall objective of this thesis was to investigate the barriers and enablers in the effective use of population-level evidence to inform individual patient-level clinical decision-making for early mobilisation post-stroke. The objective was achieved by conducting five studies: (1) a review o..

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