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Frontline Employee Networks and Service Innovativeness

Ozlem Ozkok, Simon Bell, Jagdip Singh, Kwanghui Lim

Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy | European Marketing Academy | Published : 2020


It has been a preoccupation of services marketing and innovation scholars as well as managers of service organisations, find new ways to improve frontline employee (FLE) innovativeness. FLEs, due to their high degree of customer contact, are a valuable source of market and customer insight that might lead to innovation. Existing approaches, however, have focused on individual traits for innovativeness or celebrated the ‘lone genius’ exemplars, which potentially ignores the multifaceted nature of organisational networks and relationships that shape the individual’s innovative capacity. Our study proposes a multi-level model where network-level antecedents – an FLE’s work network structure (co..

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