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Heterogeneity and Classification of Recent Onset Psychosis and Depression: A Multimodal Machine Learning Approach

Paris Alexandros Lalousis, Stephen J Wood, Lianne Schmaal, Katharine Chisholm, Sian Lowri Griffiths, Renate LEP Reniers, Alessandro Bertolino, Stefan Borgwardt, Paolo Brambilla, Joseph Kambeitz, Rebekka Lencer, Christos Pantelis, Stephan Ruhrmann, Raimo KR Salokangas, Frauke Schultze-Lutter, Carolina Bonivento, Dominic Dwyer, Adele Ferro, Theresa Haidl, Marlene Rosen Show all



Diagnostic heterogeneity within and across psychotic and affective disorders challenges accurate treatment selection, particularly in the early stages. Delineation of shared and distinct illness features at the phenotypic and brain levels may inform the development of more precise differential diagnostic tools. We aimed to identify prototypes of depression and psychosis to investigate their heterogeneity, with common, comorbid transdiagnostic symptoms. Analyzing clinical/neurocognitive and grey matter volume (GMV) data from the PRONIA database, we generated prototypic models of recent-onset depression (ROD) vs. recent-onset psychosis (ROP) by training support-vector machines to separate pati..

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