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Imaging the Respiratory Transition at Birth: Unravelling the Complexities of the First Breaths of Life.

David G Tingay, Olivia Farrell, Jessica Thomson, Elizabeth J Perkins, Prue M Pereira-Fantini, Andreas D Waldmann, Christoph Rüegger, Andy Adler, Peter G Davis, Inéz Frerichs

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine | Published : 2021


Rationale: The transition to air-breathing at birth is a seminal respiratory event common to all humans, but the intrathoracic processes remain poorly understood. Objectives: The objectives of this prospective, observational study were to describe the spatiotemporal gas flow, aeration and ventilation patterns within the lung in term neonates undergoing successful respiratory transition. Methods: Electrical impedance tomography was used to image intrathoracic volume patterns for every breath until six minutes from birth in neonates born by elective cesearean section and not needing resuscitation. Breaths were classified by video data, and measures of lung aeration, tidal flow conditions and i..

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