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Incidence and management of metabolic acidosis with sodium bicarbonate in the ICU: An international observational study

Tomoko Fujii, Andrew A Udy, Alistair Nichol, Rinaldo Bellomo, Adam M Deane, Khaled El-Khawas, Naorungroj Thummaporn, Ary Serpa Neto, Hannah Bergin, Robert Short-Burchell, Chin-Ming Chen, Kuang-Hua Cheng, Kuo-Chen Cheng, Clemente Chia, Feng-Fan Chiang, Nai-Kuan Chou, Timothy Fazio, Pin-Kuei Fu, Victor Ge, Yoshiro Hayashi Show all

CRITICAL CARE | BMC | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Metabolic acidosis is a major complication of critical illness. However, its current epidemiology and its treatment with sodium bicarbonate given to correct metabolic acidosis in the ICU are poorly understood. METHOD: This was an international retrospective observational study in 18 ICUs in Australia, Japan, and Taiwan. Adult patients were consecutively screened, and those with early metabolic acidosis (pH < 7.3 and a Base Excess < -4 mEq/L, within 24-h of ICU admission) were included. Screening continued until 10 patients who received and 10 patients who did not receive sodium bicarbonate in the first 24 h (early bicarbonate therapy) were included at each site. The primary outco..

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