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Th2-like T-follicular helper cells promote functional antibody production during Plasmodium falciparum infection

Jo-Anne Chan, Fabian de Labastida Rivera, Jessica Loughland, Jessica Engel, Hyun Jae Lee, Arya SheelaNair, Bruce Wines, Fiona Amante, Lachlan Webb, Pamela Mukhopadhyay, Ann-Marie Patch, Mark Hogarth, James Beeson, James McCarthy, Ashraful Haque, Christian Engwerda, Michelle Boyle

Published : 2020


The most advanced malaria vaccine only has approximately 30% efficacy in target populations, and avenues to improve next generation vaccines need to be identified. Functional antibodies are key effectors of both vaccine induced and naturally acquired immunity, with induction driven by T-follicular helper cells (TfH) CD4+ T cells. We assessed circulating TfH (cTfH) responses and functional antibody production in human volunteers experimentally infected with Plasmodium falciparum . Longitudinal single-cell RNA-sequencing of cTfH revealed peak transcriptional activation and clonal expansion of major cTfH subsets occurred at day 8 following infection and a population structure of cTfH capturing ..

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