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Evaluating Participatory Modeling Methods for Co-creating Pathways to Sustainability

EA Moallemi, FJ de Haan, M Hadjikakou, S Khatami, S Malekpour, A Smajgl, M Stafford Smith, A Voinov, R Bandari, P Lamichhane, KK Miller, E Nicholson, W Novalia, EG Ritchie, AM Rojas, MA Shaikh, K Szetey, BA Bryan



The achievement of global sustainability agendas, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, relies on transformational change across society, economy, and environment that are co-created in a transdisciplinary exercise by all stakeholders. Within this context, environmental and societal change is increasingly understood and represented via participatory modeling for genuine engagement with multiple collaborators in the modeling process. Despite the diversity of participatory modeling methods to promote engagement and co-creation, it remains uncertain what the extent and modes of participation are in different contexts, and how to select the suitable methods to use in a given situation. Base..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Y This work is funded by The Ian Potter Foundation and Deakin University. The authors would like to greatly appreciate reviewers' constructive comments on the earlier versions of this article.