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Methylation scores for smoking, alcohol consumption, and body mass index and risk of seven types of cancer

Pierre-Antoine Dugué, Chenglong Yu, Allison M Hodge, Ee Ming Wong, JiHoon E Joo, Chol-Hee Jung, Daniel Schmidt, Enes Makalic, Daniel D Buchanan, Gianluca Severi, Dallas R English, John L Hopper, Roger L Milne, Graham G Giles, Melissa C Southey

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


ABSTRACTMethylation marks of exposure to health risk factors may be useful markers of cancer risk as they might better capture current and past exposures than questionnaires, and reflect different individual responses to exposure. We used data from seven case-control studies nested within the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study of blood DNA methylation and risk of colorectal, gastric, kidney, lung, prostate and urothelial cancer, and B-cell lymphoma (N cases=3,123). Methylation scores (MS) for smoking, body mass index (BMI), and alcohol consumption were calculated based on published data as weighted averages of methylation values. Rate ratios (RR) and 95% confidence intervals for associatio..

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